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Experienced scratch card printers get the best results

Experienced scratch card printers get the best results

How to find scratch card printers you can trust

You may have used a local print shop to run off a few business leaflets and posters for you, but do you really think they would be able to handle such a complex job as printing promotional scratch cards? No, of course not. This is why you should only trust dedicated scratch card printers with the right equipment and plenty of experience to manage your printing job.

Scratch cards are currently one of the most effective ways to promote your business. They are unique, intriguing, fun and interactive. Smart businesses are already using them to boost sales, grow revenue and draw in new customers as well as helping to retain their current ones. However, not all printers are equipped to handle scratch card printing and the specialist processes required to process such jobs.

Companies who use the best scratch card printers can achieve better results from their promotional campaigns. Building stronger relationships with their customers and providing a better ROI.

How to the achieve better results?

Bespoke Scratch Card Printers, A6, Gloss Laminated

Don’t risk being let down

Price is always an important factor when choosing a printer to work with on your campaign, but this should never be the deciding factor (you’re probably thinking we’re biased? But, in our 15 years of commercial printing and design experience we have picked up the pieces from poorly produced jobs on more than one occasion).

Going by price alone can risk you not achieving your desired results. If you receive a scratch card quote from a printer that is significantly lower than any other, beware! That printer may not completely understand the campaign and/or process to best deliver it.


Using a inexperienced or ill-equipped printer to create your scratch card campaign could incur more costs in the long run, or worse result in a fault or disastrous campaign. In 2011, Ryanair had a profile PR disaster due to a scratch card printing error.

Things to look out for to help you choose a good quality scratch card printing company:

1: Experience: look at the range and variety of projects that the company has produced, request scratch card samples and make a judgement on the quality of their work for yourself.

2. Scratch card options: Can the company offer customisable sizes and shapes variable data printing, individual numbering, security printing, Kitting, coloured latex, latex overprinting etc.

3. Competitive pricing: Beware of cheap, unsubstantiated printing quotes

4. Guidance and advice: An experienced printer will be able to guide you through the entire scratch card production process. From game design to final print and delivery, they should be able to advise you about your choices and suggest suitable improvements (if necessary) so that your campaign achieves the best possible results. Building a good relationship allows you to understand how you can work together to create high-quality targeted campaigns.

You’ve chosen your scratch card printers, what happens next?

Ask yourself what you want to achieve from your campaign. An good scratch card company will understand your needs and add value to your campaign. They will provide product options, supply scratch card samples and explain to you how your cards will be produced.

An experienced scratch card printer will be familiar in every aspect of production from design and planning to statistical analysis and security measures.

If you have never run a scratch card campaign before then a good printer will be able to design and print a campaign that will meet all your promotional objectives. Experienced printers will have handled most game formats before so will be able to offer some sound advice for the novice marketer.

Security plays a major part in any scratch card promotional campaign. No matter whether you are giving away hundreds of low value prizes or a top prize worth thousands of pounds, your printer will be able to support and aid you in all legal and security measures to prevent fraud or forgery.

If you are interested in finding out more about using scratch cards to promote your business, then why not take a look at our free guide: How to promote your business with scratch cards.

Download: The ultimate promotional scratch card guide

Download: The ultimate promotional scratch card guide

Your easy to use promotional scratch card guide

Ever gone into a local shop for a carton of milk and come away with milk plus a scratch card?

No one can resist the lure of a scratch card.

Here in the UK, the National Lottery run a number of scratch card games with prizes running from £12,000 up to £4 million.  And while businesses can’t compete with this level of prizes, promotional scratch card printing can be a great marketing tool to engage with new and existing customers. If you are about to design a new scratch card campaign for your company then you need to read this promotional scratch card guide.

Designing your scratch card campaign

While it may seem like a fun game, scratch cards are a form of marketing. Therefore, you should plan out your project just like any other marketing campaign.  To help plan your campaign use our FREE promotional scratch card guide.

Things to consider:

• define your target audience, are you targeting new or existing customers?
• are you seeking to build your customer base or encourage customer loyalty?
• where will you be running your campaign?

All these factors depend on your business and what kind of products or services you offer, but there are a wide variety of campaign set ups and scratch card designs to help you achieve your marketing goal.

You may be thinking of using scratch cards to promote sales but promotional scratch card printing can also be used for:

• encouraging customers to join a mailing list,
• driving footfall to shops or your exhibition stand at a trade show,
• building excitement through competitions,
• offering a free trial of a product
• offering a free consultation for your services

Download our FREE quick start guide to scratch card printing

Scratch Card Printing - Download this quick start guide to printing scratchcards

Quickly work through some basic questions to help you map out your requirements.

Sound good?

Using multiple scratch card prizes

One of the reasons that lottery scratch cards are so popular is because they have a far higher chance of winning a prize than a lottery ticket and it’s instant.  You might only win back the £1 it cost you, but it feels good to win and there is always the elusive chance of a massive pay-out. There is some evidence that taking part in the game provides as much of a euphoric feeling as the actual winning, so creating a compelling concept is imperative to get full value. So, when you are considering your scratch card campaign, try to think along the same lines.

Make you customers feel good, let them win!

Can you offer one big prize and some smaller ones?  The more chance people have to win something, the more interested they’ll be in the scratch card and your brand.

Another advantage to this concept is that you can build in the ability to cross-sell, up-sell or promote extra prizes. You could offer a money off voucher for your own products as secondary prizes or special offers such as 2 for 1 on bestselling products.  You could even offer an access code for exclusive offers or other giveaways as a runner-up prize. Learn more about campaign prize structures and the best one for your business goals with our FREE promotional scratch card guide.

Organising the giveaway

Using an experienced scratch card printer to help you organise the production of the card will guarantee that simple (but important) criteria are not overlooked. Packing the cards in a way that means prizes are spread randomly is hugely important for high value games.

At one time, unique numbering was used to validate a scratch card and to receive its prize but there are now other strategies to be used. The end result means that the production of the scratch cards can be more cost effective to the business and still have the same appeal to the customer.

Using scratch cards as marketing is a fun, colourful and eye catching way to grab customer’s attention. It appeals to our desire to get something for nothing and to risk getting nothing for the chance of a big prize. Therefore, done with the help of promotional scratch card printing experts, it can be a major benefit for a business and potentially create a whole new list of customers and hot leads.