scratchcard printing

Have you missed these ways to promote your brand with custom printed scratch cards?

What do you think of when you hear the words ‘scratch cards’?

Chances are it’s a lottery type card, or maybe one of those cards that used to tumble out of weekend newspapers.

Choosing custom printed scratch cards can provide new leads and add a little fun to your normal business marketing. Scratch cards are a really powerful marketing asset. With sophisticated design and printing techniques, they can be an effective tool whatever your campaign goals.

Here’s how a bespoke, branded design can help your business use scratch cards in unusual ways and attract your customers attention:

A customer insight tool

Offering scratch cards at a point of sale is a great way to get customers to remember your brand once they’ve left your business. But more than this, use custom printed scratch cards to gain valuable insight into customer’s desires and buying habits – incentivise your customer but at the same time get valuable contact information.

Try giving a discount code for their next online purchase. Send scratch card holders to a specific website landing page or give them a discount code they can enter at the checkout to claim their discount.

custom printed scratch cards designed and printed for Sexy Fish restaurant

A custom scratch card design that includes unique alphanumeric codes under the scratch panel means you can track the activity of each recipient: their scratch card works as a single-use voucher when they input their code, and you’ll be able to track what they purchase.

Alternatively, you could use normal scratch cards, but ask for personal and location details when the customer claims their discount.

However you work it, you’ll gain more sales, but more importantly, you’ll gather important information about who and where your customers are, along with what they like to buy.

Add some pizzazz to awards and events

There are so many ways custom printed scratch cards can liven your event. Why not send custom scratch cards as invitations – the recipient could scratch off the latex panels to reveal the time, date and venue?

Custom scratch cards are a simple way to ensure your invite both captures attention and signals that your launch, celebration or award ceremony is going to be fun.

Scratch cards can be created in the standard A7 invitation size, or any size or die-cut shape that suits your occasion: a champagne bottle for a celebration, or a Christmas tree for your annual festive bash, for example.

Full colour printing on both the front and reverse means you can give your guests all the information they need in style, making it feel more like an invitation than a competition.

Or instead of the usual ‘freebies in a bag’ at corporate events, guests can reveal their goodies via scratch card and collect them. Opting for gold overprint on your scratch panel adds that extra touch of glamour, or go for full colour to bring the scratch cards to life.

You can raise the excitement by including a small number of high value cards in the mix, with winners receiving premium goodies. Custom printing means you’re in control of the prize structure, so you’ll know exactly how many of each gift will be claimed.

Rewarding positive behaviour

Custom printed scratch cards can liven up recognition and reward schemes at school, college or work, adding the excitement of the reveal to the pleasure of winning a prize. Your scratch cards can be printed in any colour, reflecting corporate or institutional logos and colours. For end of year awards or special prizes you can create A4 designs, outshining the usual boring certificates most students or employees receive.

You can also use scratch cards to incentivise customer behaviour, offering customers a discount on their next purchase, or a free bottle of wine next time they purchase two main meals, for example. Vouchers and money-off rewards will likely end up in bags and wallets on the way to being redeemed, so a 100mm x 50mm sized card will work well, as they’re small enough to be carried around without getting damaged.

Building campaign momentum

If you’re running a campaign over a number of weeks, scratch cards can help keep the energy high. They’re playful, they add an ‘in it to win it’ factor to keep people incentivised and they can be tailored to whatever you need.

Custom designs mean you can work with any number of scratch panels – so whether you’re running a month-long promotion with new offers each week (four panels), a weekly competition with daily reveals (seven panels), a 12 days of Christmas extravaganza or a countdown to your next launch, you can create the scratch card you need.

Whatever your campaign, custom scratch cards have both the flexibility and the disruption factor to get your customers engaged. If you’d like to explore how custom design can bring to life your campaign ideas, we’d love to help!