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We make scratch card printing (and design) really, really easy!

Your project just got 100% easier – Our team will help you print (and design) your scratch card campaign to any specification you want. Promotional scratch cards are our passion and we’ve printed MILLIONS of them for our clients.

You can choose a scratch card size that matches your budget and campaign – our regular scratch card range will suit most requirements.

and… don’t worry about the technicalities, we can talk you through every detail, from making the best game, right down to the colours you need to use in your design – Simply call 0800 412 5334 for a quick chat or click here to get scratch card samples of our vast range of printed scratch cards.

Our satisfied customers..

“Having been asked by a client to produce half a million prize draw cards for a schools promotion I researched online and decided on Proactive. From the outset Cliff and the team at Proactive could not have been more helpful with estimate after estimate and production advice over a 6 month period until the project finally came to fruition. Once in production Josh picked up the baton and provided the same excellent level of service and advice until the project was completed and delivered to a very satisfied client.”

The Monkey Agency

“The team bent over backwards to ensure that our products arrived safely and on time – couldn’t recommend more.” 


“The team at Proactive Marketing, were great! Very helpful indeed and managed to hit our very tight deadline, Good quality product and excellent communication throughout..” 

B2B International

“Our company used Proactive South Ltd for the creation of some scratch cards for an event we attended. We were very impressed with the speed of turnaround, as we challenged them with a tight deadline – but they came through and produced excellent quality cards! Very happy, would definitely use again!”

Dr Schar

“Experience was fantastic – we had a tight deadline for a printing job and Proactive were unbelievably quick at delivering the product without taking away from the quality of the product. They were also extremely helpful in helping me with the artwork when I wasn’t 100% confident in my InDesign abilities. Would highly recommend!”


“Fantastic Service. Easy to deal with and very helpful. Turn around was quick providing an end product which was even better than expected.” 

Bodybuilding Warehouse

Scratch card printing inspiration…

We’ve added some useful articles about design and printing scratch cards to our blog if you’re looking for inspiration on how to best use scratch cards for your marketing campaign.

Everything you need to know about scratch card printing and scratch card design is right here.

NEW scratch card range now includes business card size scratch card – fits perfectly in your customers wallet

  • Lower quantities available from only 125 scratch cards
  • Huge selection of scratch card sizes – Regular, Super, Business Card A7, A6, A5, A4, DL
  • Full CMYK colour scratch card printing on front and back
  • Gloss laminated, full colour front
  • Uncoated (easy to write on) full colour back
  • Scratch card game options (see below)
  • Scratch card design service – Bespoke game and graphics

We are a UK based supplier of printed scratch cards.

Our scratch card options can be designed to suit any budget or campaign requirement.

Scratch card printing requires a certain amount of planning and expertise – but you don’t need to worry about that. We’ll guide you through the process to ensure your promotion is as successful as possible.

Suitable for most promotions are our ‘standard range’ scratch cards, which come in two sizes: Regular  and Super.

These allow you to use your own artwork (which we’d love to help you with) and our Regular and Super options offer a few prize structures which provides a combination of flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Scratch cards are available in the following standard sizes:

100mm x 50mm

85mm x 55mm

135mm x 97mm

210mm x 99mm

105mm x 74mm

148mm x 105mm

148mm x 210mm

210mm x 297mm

Need some help deciding what you need?

To help you quickly decide whether you need our standard scratch cards, or whether a bespoke solution would suit your needs better, you should download our ‘Quick Start Guide’ to printing scratch cards. It’s FREE, and by answering a few quick questions will help you assess the best scratch card product for your campaign.

Please use the enquiry form to tell us about your scratch card printing project, or call free on 0800 412 5334

Download our FREE quick start guide to scratch card printing

Scratch Card Printing - Download this quick start guide to printing scratchcards

Quickly work through some basic questions to help you map out your requirements.

Sound good?

Have you ever not scratched a scratch card?

We’re guessing not – and neither have we. And we’d be willing to bet (no pun intended) that your customers are the same as you and us. There’s just something about scratch cards that makes them irresistible.

Maybe it’s that feeling of winning, of getting something for nothing – but there’s no denying scratch cards are seen, read and (if you win!) remembered.

scratch card marketing

Give your customers an itch they can scratch?

In a world where we are all bombarded with advertising, so much of it is all too easy to ignore. Leaflets can be casually discarded, radio advertising is gone and forgotten by the time of the next travel bulletin and local newspaper advertising is all too often interspersed among the property pages or classifieds.

The recent increase in the number of major retail chains using online vouchers bears testament to the success of the ‘something for nothing’ approach to marketing. Scratch cards and vouchers have the same unique capacity to:

  • attract new customers
  • keep existing customers happy
  • bring past customers back to you
  • promote new product lines
  • sell slow-moving product lines

Scratch cards are different. For a start, your customer feels lucky – even special – when they ‘win’. And the fact that your customer has to scratch to find out if they’ve won means the scratch card is already way ahead of almost every other form of marketing in its ability to capture the attention of whoever you give it to. In fact, we can’t think of a single more effective way of holding your customers’ attention short of you finding the time to stop people in the street and tell them one at a time why they should try your product or service.

custom scratch cards

So why don’t more small businesses use scratch cards to promote themselves?

It’s a good question… the main reason is cost.

Many business owners do what they’ve always done, and leaflets are often the first port of call. Scratch cards are either not on their radar as a tool for marketing their business, or they’re perceived to be too expensive to make them a viable proposition.

The different processes involved in producing a scratch card can make them relatively expensive on a small scale. To overcome this, we’ve streamlined our production processes so you don’t pay the set-up costs usually associated with scratch card printing.

We won’t print your scratch cards on their own – that’s when it gets expensive – for most projects we’ll print them at the same time as lots of other scratch cards and we pass those savings on to you. This means you can order as few as 5,000 scratch cards and still benefit from the bulk-buy pricing we can provide.

Scratch card printing with ensures quality and makes financial sense.

But I don’t know where to start with designing a scratch card!

You don’t need to. The technical expertise required to create scratch card artwork is an issue for many business owners and marketing managers, and it’s probably not something your local / in-house graphic designer has had much experience of. That’s why we’ve developed a proven process for ensuring the best results from designing scratch cards which takes full account of all the little details which could otherwise be over-looked.

We’ll design your scratch cards to match your existing brand or create something completely new but we’ll also ensure, for example, that the ink density is just right so it doesn’t show through the scratch panels, that the scratch panels are positioned correctly – details you don’t need to worry about because we’ll take care of the whole process from start to finish.

So what do I do now?

Well, the first step is to decide whether your requirements fit into one of our ‘standard’ scratch card sizes which are suitable for most promotions. They come in six sizes – Regular, Super, A5, A6, A7, and 1/3 of A4.

These allow you to use your own artwork (which we’d love to help you with) and offer a prize structure which provides a combination of flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

If the standard products don’t meet your criteria, don’t panic! We can do just about anything – budget permitting. Non-standard products are more expensive, but offer almost limitless flexibility and we would be happy to help explore exciting ways to bring your project to life.

Please use the enquiry form to tell us about your project, or call free on 0800 412 5334

Preparing your own artwork?

Read this helpful advice guide from CAP, then download our InDesign scratch card templates for scratch card printing and get designing - Remember we're here to help if you get stuck!

indesign scratch card templates

Download our scratch card printing templates for Regular, Super, A5, A6, A7, and DL size scratch cards.

We can only supply templates for use in Adobe InDesign.

Let's get started